Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quiet Confidence

This week has been extremely hectic. Work is at a peak; I'm working on a super-cool project which I can't talk about here. I've gotten a bit of freelance, too, which will help pay the bills.

I looked at a couple houses in the neighborhood to see what I can afford when my lease is up. I was satisfied with the results.

My kids are doing great in school. We've instituted some nightly traditions which they really enjoy. The first one is fruit of the night, where we try an exotic fruit each evening. The Asian Pear was a huge hit, even Caleb ate some, which is a miracle. The second is video gaming. We spend about half an hour a night playing Wii or Guitar Hero as a family, cheering each other on.

I finally beat my cousin, Tim in Scrabble on Facebook. My other cousin Mickey is coming out to visit in a couple weeks.

I've stepped up my workouts, gained a workout partner, and went back to my overly regimented diet of brown rice and beans, all of which helped me lose 8 pounds this month.

Spiritually, I've been attending a Church Class one night a week, which has me really thinking more about that sort of thing than I ever have before.

I think my new haircut is pretty sweet.

Not to brag, but I guess my point is that I'm pretty happy with what I've been able to accomplish lately.

That all could change instantly, but as for now, life is good!

Monday, January 28, 2008


So after living here for three years, I finally saw my first Sundance movie. Unfortunately, it wasn't a memorable one. It was called Guitar. It was about a girl who was told she had inoperable throat cancer, gets fired from her job, and dumped by her boyfriend all in one day. She's told she has a month to live and she should get her affairs in order.

It's an interesting concept. What would you do if you were told you had a month to live. How would you spend those last 30 days. Well, she decided the thing to do would be to rent a penthouse apartment in Manhattan, rack up insurmountable credit card debt and have sex with whoever came to her door. So for an hour of the movie she ordered from high-priced catalogs and then got friendly with the delivery guy. Meanwhile, the time clock in my head kept waiting for her to get weak and die. But it didn't happen. Somehow this behavior magically made the tumor disappear.

So then my mind is left wondering how is she going to cope with now being evicted from her apartment, having this crazy credit card debt and no job.

Well the solution was easy in the movie. She went into the park playing her guitar. A band found her and asked her to join. She was now a rock and roll star.

Afterwards the director had a Q+A where she talked about how this story was an important one to tell, and how it was her mission to get the movie made. I'm sorry but telling the courageous story of a cancer victims last month would be more memorable it actually was courageous and not selfish and just plain ridiculous.

Their was one redeeming thing about the movie. I think I saw Robert Redford in the audience.


So, I wish I had more info on the thing I've been so elusive about, but I don't. So far, it's been bad timing. There's certain things in my life that need to be completely put to bed (pun intended) before I can even attempt to start anew. I just hope that this opportunity is still available at the time I can finally try to start over.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

The above title is actually fitting for a couple of reasons.

Last week I mentioned my sinuses were aching. Well, at that time, I hadn't fully understood the meaning of pain. I think I'm a big boy and have a pretty high threshold for pain, but on Thursday when I woke up and couldn't put on my glasses because my nose and forehead had swollen up to clownlike proportions, well I discovered I had a new threshold. Finally it was time to go to the doctor. He wasn't so amused with my facial anomaly, but gave me a prescription for some military-strength Mucinex. It seemed to help and by the end of the day I was able to go to class with my pal Brandon. At dinner, Brandon felt the need to tell the whole table where Mucinex elects to dispose of the mucus. Thanks again for that visual, Brando. Yuck.

Anyway, I was relieved to have my nose return to it's normal XL today, instead of the XXXL of the previous week. I was worried that Sunday would arrive and I'd still be disfigured. The reason for my nervousness is the other reason that the above headline is apropos. I can't really say too much, without jinxing or spoiling the events of the day, but I'll just say that things are looking up. Sorry, I'm sure I'll be able to tell more later in the week.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield Review Haiku

A Scary Monster
A Shaky Handheld Camera
A Well-earned Headache

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Partridge Family

I challenge any of you and your families to take on the Conlons in Guitar Hero, SingStar or Rock Band. We have got the videogame fake band genre down!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sinus Schminus

I have been suffering through most of this week with a crazy sinus infection. It started on Wednesday, forming in the pink area of the illustration. A funny thing happened on Thursday, though, as it travelled into my jaw. For a time I thought I should call my dentist, thinking it was a cavity, but I remembered I did that about 5 years ago and found out it was a sinus infection.

Today, it disappeared for awhile, leaving me to think I was free of the torture, but it seems to have resurfaced this evening right smack behind my right eyeball.

I'm going to dope myself up again, hoping it will go away for reals tomorrow.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Haikus

In honor of seeing FOUR movies this week, I have chosen to write haikus detailing my experiences.

Enchanted- Which I saw with my children on New Years Day

Cute Amy Adams
The second row killed my neck
Rewatchable flick.

Rock Hard- The Dewey Cox Story - Which I saw with Mason and his brother Kirk

The Infectious songs
Keep running through my noggin
Didn't need to see Junk.

I am Legend- Which I saw with John and Vern

The Fresh Prince can act
CGI zombies cannot
Every other seat.

Juno - Which I saw with Amber, Melissa and Rachel
Reunion of sorts
Arrested Development
Loved the Dialogue