Friday, February 29, 2008

It might seem like I'm lazy, but I'm just preoccupied

Sorry, I haven't had time to post lately. Things have been hectic, but a good hectic. I usually have my wonderful children around Sun-Wed taking my full attention, and they have as usual. I then try to catch up the last half of the week on my work and cleaning. It's been really hard to that lately, though.

This past month I've happened upon a new friend who has taken up a lot of my free time. It's been great to have an adult around to talk to and share ideas and thoughts with. We've both been through a lot of the same experiences during the past year, so it's easy to share our frustration and anger with each other as well. Mostly though, we just like to hang out, sharing our favorite music or movies with one another.

While I'm still not quite ready to get back on the dating scene, this time spent with my new friend has helped me realize it's not as scary and difficult as I have been imaging it will be. I'm actually starting to look forward to it.

So while my house may look a bit more haggard and I get less sleep than I should, I am happier for it.
Besides I move in 3 weeks, so my house can look a little trashed, no?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I just bought a house!

You would think that after being a home owner for 13 some-odd years, I'd be used to this house buying thing. But after being in a rental for 9 months, and now committing to large chunks of money being drawn out of my checking account for the next 30 years (I'll be 68, when it's paid off) I am suddenly extremely nervous. It doesn't help that interest rates decided to jump 3/4 of a point since last week. I'll try to post some pics of it later, but until then here's some pictures of Karissa and her catapult project from Science class.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie haiku- The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford

Nervous, seedy men
Standing around for awhile
Then one kills Jesse

The jig is up

So I was sitting with my friend at church on Sunday, when a Young Women leader sits on the other side of me and starts talking about Kelsey joining Young Women (which is something she'll do when she turns 12). Suddenly back on the other side of me I hear my friend (who I've been keeping my age under wraps from) say "How old are you?"

Blood draining from my face, I retort, "How old do you think I am?"

"Well, now that I know you have a twelve year old, I'm going to have to guess older than I thought. Hmmm…34"

I look back at her and tell her that she is way off, I am in fact, 38 years OLD.

Seemingly unfazed, she replies that she is old too.

"27 is not old," I conclude.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

My little guy is not so little

I can't believe how fast time as flown. Seems like just yesterday I was holding this little peanut in my arms at 3 AM. Now he's quite the little man.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Be the change

Here's a quote from Barack Obama on Super-duper Tuesday last night.

Change will not come if you wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change we seek.