Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack the Vote.

Grant Park in Chicago is now the place of the two greatest events of my year.
First, it is where I asked April to marry me, during the July 4th fireworks show.
Second, it is was the site where 500,000 witnessed history as Barack Obama gave his inspired victory speech.
It was great to let the kids stay up to witness this historical event. they were excited to see this and I'm proud of my kids who defended Obama to their classmates when some of the lies (terrorist, Muslim) spread through the school.
Caleb spent the day making 'Vote for Obama' banners and hanging them in his window.

This country has a difficult road ahead, and I feel that Obama is a clean start to begin the work we have to do.

During this sometimes ugly campaign, he kept his head above the fray, even when people told him to go negative, and it has paid off.